Exotic Modern Kitchen by ALNO

Modern Kitchen Doors
The new ALNOArt Woodglas modern kitchen by ALNO is simply jaw-droppingly stunning! Technical perfection embodied – the ALNOArt Woodglas kitchen doesn’t rely on rare exotic wood veneers for its beauty. Instead, simulated wood grains are printed directly onto the kitchen doors. They are text-book matched replicas of Brazilian Rosewood, Zebra and Beech Heart wood grain finishes. An eco-friendly option, the real aluminium-framed glass front will not deplete the world’s supply of wood resources. But the kitchen will definitely look great, with the careful attention to detail exhibited in the illuminated shelf with glass back panel, for example. A modern kitchen of the highest standard: the new ALNOArt Woodglas kitchen by ALNO.
Modern Kitchen Doors

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