Compact Kitchen from TM Italia

lux kitchen
Short on space needn’t mean short on style with the Essenza Rapsody Lux Compact Kitchen from TM Italia. Essenza refers to the tall column of storage, with integrated oven, plus plenty of drawers, cupboards and shelves. The Rapsody element is the kitchen island, which also provides handy breakfast bar seating. Pictured here in glorious teak and glossed white Corian, the kitchen is also available in 33 other types of natural wood. Likewise, the counter surfaces come in a wide variety of luxury materials such as gemstone, quartz, crystal, stainless steel or laminates. Perfect for the urban dweller, the Essenza Rapsody Lux kitchen encapsulates a sharp modern look balanced with added warmth from the natural wood finishes. To make the kitchen even more precious and individual, you can choose silver or gold leaf trim for the cupboard doors. Inimitable Italian style from TM Italia.
lux kitchen

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