Modern Vs Traditional Bedroom Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your bedroom can be a hard decision. Your bedroom is your palace, it is your oasis, it is the one place that you can escape from the world. This is why it is very important that you make it as comfortable and inviting as you can. With the huge selection of furniture that is now available to us it is important that we can select something that can be our own, and allow us to express our individuality. The first main choice we must make is whether we would like to go with traditional bedroom furniture or modern bedroom furniture.
A modern bedroom can vary sharply from one to the other, but they’re all still modern in design. A modern bedroom can feature straight symmetrical pieces with minimal detail or they can be curvy, wavy, detailed and fully avant-garde.
Modern beds are typically platform beds, japanese (oriental) influenced beds, storage beds, round beds, rotating beds, rocking beds or even magnetically floating beds. WOW! About 90% of modern beds are indeed platform beds, this means they are typically lower to the ground and made up of a wooden flat platform, this actually removes the need for a box-spring. Some modern platform beds may include a headboard or footboard, some are simply minimalist and include neither. With new technology enveloping itself into furniture design we now see many types of lights and even speakers built right into these beds. Some modern headboards will have an array of LED lights for book reading, late night snacks or just to improve the aesthetic nature of the bed itself.
A modern bedroom typically surrounds its focus onto the bed itself, the rest of the furniture is then chosen to match. Modern dressers, armoires, and nightstand’s tend to look similar to their traditional counterparts in their overall shape and functionality, however they differ in the details. These modern bedroom accessories will have flush straight lines, a simple minimalist approach to detail and will overall be easy on the eyes, without the intricate detail and carvings known to traditional pieces. These modern bedroom pieces can be seen in an wide selection of color and finishes. Popular finishes include glossy lacquer, wood veneer, solid wood, and even natural wood tiling.
Traditional bedroom’s tend to be filled with formal looking furniture and provide a more humbling style. These styles can consist of 18th and 19th century, victorian, and even antique classics. Traditional beds are typically made up of a metal frame with a headboard and footboard. The mattress for a traditional bed will actually sit atop a box spring on top of the frame. Many traditional beds will be sleigh beds, canopy beds, arched beds, 4-post beds or sometimes even platform beds. Traditional bedrooms tend to have more detail’s and intricate design worked carved in the dressers, nightstands, armoires and other accessories. It is easier to decorate a room around a traditional styled bedroom considering the furniture can be easy to match with other accessories such as lamps and lights. Traditional bedroom’s tend to look heavier and take up a large presence in the room compared to their modern counterparts.
Both traditional and modern furniture can be just as beautiful as the next, it is important though that one creates a safe, warm, and comfortable environment for their bedroom. It is also a great thing to express your individual nature and persona through the furniture you choose. Because remember furniture isn’t just furniture…. It is a functional piece of art, and can be a small piece of yourself.

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