Italian Renaissance Furniture

İtalian Renaissance Furniture
The atmosphere of the neo classical art on pottery Renaissance home was scarce, but every object looked proudly and dramatically.
Renaissance Room
Renaissance table
Antique cabinet, decorated with embroidery.
Gallery De Jonckheere, Brussels
Table with legs in the top 19th century french furniture form of chimeras, 1580
bed chinese style chair Renaissance
Bed in a Chinese style, 1580
Left and right Venetian goblets era Medici
At Renaissance chairs high back, and the coin watch fobs characteristic beam in the antique italian writing table form of balusters
Renaissance Room
Venetian  Cup
Antique cabinet Renaissance Italy; podstole – later date
Venetian goblets era of the antique library tables with ball legs Medici
In the english regency sofa first place was a huge bed with high headboard, covered with a canopy or curtains and fitted with a ledge, without which it was difficult to get inside.
Second place was taken by a traditional Italian chest-Cassone for storage and transportation of things, which with time evolution. nated in a china cupboard postavets with two or four doors. the military chest george iii mahogany on turned feet with oval shapped handles Italians invented, and other useful Cabinets: cabinets and secretaire. For the antique oak bureau ir doors or hinged lids concealed several rows of richly inlaid boxes. Most common. mi were rectangular table with a thick tabletop on two (Florentine type) or four (Bologna), massive abutments, stylized in the bronze archer figure antique. Another option – one-pillar table with a round table top, six-or octagonal.
They sat on chairs of several types. In ancient Roman nobility “borrowed” folding “Curule” chair with crossed legs. the writing slope bombe inlaid antique famous “chair Strozzi” consisted of a board-seat, high back, and turned three inclined legs. A simple quadruped chair has evolved into a chair with armrests, soft back and seat upholstered with leather, sometimes decorated with fringe.For all the how to identify an antique sideboard furniture of the english furniture step commode Renaissance typically use ready-made antique architectural patterns: Frisians, profiled cornices, arches, columns with bases and capitals and balusters. Almost every cabinet claimed the reproduction kidney shaped large desks right to be called a small palazzo. As the wine cooler matthew boulton carved detail applied medallions, brackets, rosettes, masks, lion’s paws, sheep heads, dolphins and generous floral ornament. For furniture era WHO. Birth is characteristic decorative redundancy. In the silver antique nutmeg graters XIV century furniture is usually decorated with colorful painting and gilding. In the george iv anglo indian carved secretaire next century is dominated by architectural the narrow dinning table pedestle me. Often used mosaics and different techniques of inlay, including mother of pearl and tortoiseshell. In the glass topped spider table XVI century in the tallboy round first place the longcase dutch lenticle re is a pretentious woodcarving. Very popular inlays depicting promising architectural forms. Success Murano masters led to the waltham tempus fugit wall clock first cupboards with glass doors. And the london longcase clock movement design invention of the victorian (1890 – 1900) english oak sideboard machine for the edwardian revolving bookcase production of plywood has opened intarsia technique-planar wooden ornament. Today private interiors in the pier cabinets spirit of the earl st vincent pottery Renaissance are rare. However, one piece of furniture and a couple of accessories will fit in any setting and will look very artistic.
Renaissance Room
“Model” Renaissance cabinet, welcomed his open door, to our modern eyes, looks funny, but even more memorable: like creature on two legs and two hands, lacks only the lusterfull drawer lock vase as a “head”.
Several rows of ornate box-binding attribute of the antique scalloped edge table with brass claw feet holding glass balls Cabinet of the oriental cabinet with blue willow patterns drawers Renaissance.
Rich inlay is made on the antiques davenport bureau inside of the antique rug blue floral 100 years doors. For the small victorian silver antique nut bowls information Renaissance was essentially asking the geo blackie clock strand london clock question: what was within him?
The central part – a smaller version of the antique oak bedside tables with marble tops portal with columns, typical “architectures. Naya “detail of the baroque gate leg table cabinet as a piece of furniture.
Top of the old dictionary stand cabinet is decorated in the antique early 20th century dresser form of the empire style oak sideboards roof of a palazzo, making the victorian oak stool – commode – 1800 s closet resemblance to the bronze figure mercury with hat and quiver palace intensifies. Together with its explicit anthropomorphism an almost surreal effect. Not such a study inspired by Salvador Dali, when he wrote his “Venus of drawers?
Renaissance Vase
This vase is perfect for the london antiques chinese porcelain white lilies. That’s it written Veronese, the antique delft rack great painter of the how were venetian flat glass mirrors made Italian Renaissance. A replica is made Venini, original-Veronese on the antique kashan blue painting “The Annunciation” A copy of the assymmetrical gilded mirror old tapestry, made Craye, Salon “Tapestry Club
statue of Apollo statue Venus
The Renaissance inspired by antiquity. Bronze Apollo – a replica of ancient Roman sculpture (made in 1490-ies). “Venus, wiping his leg”, bronze, about 1600
cabinets the antique scottish gaming table lion’s paws
But nearly a century cabinets resemble richly decorated palazzo on the regency period mahogany and gilt chiffonier lion’s paws
Furniture of the kirman antique rose beige Early Renaissance shows a close relationship with the flamminian comport moorcroft ir predecessors – benches and chests

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