Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture – Why to Choose it?

When you make an investment in patio furniture, you want to make sure that your purchase will give your family lasting enjoyment. Fortunately, with wicker patio furniture sets, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your pieces will remain fresh and in good repair for years of use.
Wicker is different than other outdoor furniture types and has a few special requirements. When wicker is not properly cared for, the fibers can dry out and warp or crack ruining your investment. However, simply following these five tips will ensure lasting enjoyment of your wicker furniture.
Select High Quality Furniture: This is probably the most crucial element in making sure you will have lasting patio furniture. For wicker furniture, quality pieces should have a metal frame, usually aluminum, and the wicker weave will be very tight without any gaps, or loose ends that let the frame show through.
Remove Dirt and Grime: You can avoid grimy build-up that occurs natural over time and exposure to the elements by wiping down your furniture occasionally with a lightly dampened cloth and mild detergent. Make sure you don\’t get the furniture too wet since soggy wicker can stretch and warp. For a more thorough cleaning, you can also use a garden hose. However, avoid using this on antique or painted furniture which may be damaged by a strong water spray.
Prevent Warping and Dryness: Wicker patio furniture sets should be kept in shady areas. Natural wicker fibers are prone to drying out in direct sunlight and becoming brittle. You should also keep your furniture covered and protected from the rain. In the event your wicker patio pieces do get wet, make sure no weight is put on them and they are not used until completely dry. Wet wicker can easily be damaged permanently.
Restore Moisture: At least once a year, you should apply oil to your furniture to retain moisture. Make sure your pieces are dry and then apply boiled linseed oil to the wicker. After you wipe it off with clean paper towels, your wicker should appear shiny. If it does not, continue to apply coats of oil until the wicker weave no longer absorbs the oil. Be aware that linseed oil is flammable and care should be taken when disposing the used paper towels. Let your furniture dry for 24 hours before using it again.
Provide Protection during the Off-Season: Wicker does not hold up well under the elements so when it turns cold you will need to move your furniture inside to a dry location. If you don\’t have room to store the furniture during the winter, supply a quality cover for your furniture. Wicker patio furniture sets will become damaged if left outside for extended periods during inclement weather.
With proper care, wicker furniture can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for any patio. There is a huge selection of wicker styles and colors to choose from to complement any dcor. You can also choose between traditional and more contemporary styled pieces. By choosing the best pieces for your outdoor space and caring for them properly, you will have beautiful patio furniture for years of outdoor fun and entertainment.
It can be hard to choose the right kind of outside wicker furniture for your family\’s lifestyle. At outdoor wicker patio furniture, we can help you make the right choice without all the guesswork. Stop by today and compare your options.

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