Oak Bedroom Furniture: Stylish, Yet Durable

Whether you’re refurnishing your home or simply want a change; why not purchase; or rather invest in something that will both look great and last for decades. Oak furniture is increasingly popular in many households for a number of reasons including its hardwearing quality and longevity; oak wears better and lasts longer than other woods. But a good set of solid oak bedroom furniture will surely prove it’s worth, as well as being stylish and versatile in a modern home.
Oak comes in many beautiful shapes and styles and is an asset to any home. We’re not just talking about sideboards and coffee tables. Oak is a very complimentary wood in the bedroom. Imagine yourself winding down after a long day at work and retiring to the bedroom to lay on your four-poster oak bed; it sounds divine. Oak bedroom furniture’s warmth and strength makes it an ideal wood for a bedstead; something which you cannot afford to skimp on; not only that, but it sets off a room and will no doubt bring an air of style and class to your bedroom.
According to statistics the average adult sleeps for seven hours every night. That’s 2,555 hours per year; meaning that we spend an average of one hundred and six days per year asleep in our beds. This is the reason why you should invest in quality oak beds and furniture. It only makes sense, seeing as you spend one third of your year in bed. Why shouldn’t it look great?
Kids need even more sleep than adults; again that’s more time asleep, not to mention the fact that kids (especially teenagers) lock themselves away in their rooms playing and running amok. They spend all of their time in there – so, why not invest in some oak bedroom furniture for your teenager: something that can withstand a bump or two.
How about a stylish set of children’s oak bedroom furniture that includes a strong oak bed that’ll not only look great, but it’ll withstand the odd bounce. A solid oak chest of drawers that can double as a racetrack for their matchbox cars or a beautiful dresser that will compliment your little princess’ room, even when it’s strewn with dolls and makeup. What’s great about oak furnishing for a kid’s bedroom is that maintenance isn’t necessary. Oak beds will last so much longer and their versatility means that they’ll suit a wide range of décors and styles.
Bring a little style to your home with a beautiful oak set. Ideal for young families who’ll no doubt encounter a bit of wear and tear from the kids but who’ll also want to settle down in the evening and enjoy the beautiful aesthetic and timeless style of their oak bedroom furniture. In a time of recession where we need to keep an eye on every penny; it’d only be wise to make such an investment into something that you wont have to replace year upon year. Oak lasts a lifetime.
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