Modern Black Glass Bathroom Furniture Design Ideas from Stemik Living

modern black bathroom decorating
Now, Onyx bathroom collection by Stemik Living has shown their new collection of black bathroom design ideas that will help you to create your space of your bathroom attractively. It is a great combination of modern and minimalist bathroom furniture, especially black as an attractive and natural color. The most interesting design of this modern furniture is the wonderful black glass material which makes the whole part of the bathroom looks stunning. With the black bathroom cabinets, this design becomes a real art masterpiece because of the straight and pure lines of black combination of the bathroom itself that look such as an awesome ambience. You can also add the various mirrors that already provided in this collection, with the different shape in each mirror that will attract you to feel comfort in your own bathroom of course. So, this is the time for you to realize modern black bathroom decorating ideas in your own bathroom. Happy trying!

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