Learning How to Rent Furniture


rofessional home stagers and real estate sellers, who need to spruce up a vacant property for showings, look to rental furniture just like homeowners and business owners in need of furnishings fast. Whether the consumer is looking for short-term furniture or thinking of renting with an option to buy, the nuts and bolts of learning how to rent furniture are actually quite easy.

  • Measuring the space: If one of the items is a refrigerator, rent-to-own furniture stores usually carry 18-, 21.9- and 25 cubic feet models.
  • Locating a nearby rental store that offers delivery service: Consumers should visit the store and get a look at the furniture and also appraise its overall quality. When comparison-shopping between different rental stores, it is wise to pick the one with the furniture that is the most appealing and then do the paperwork either online or right there in the store.
  • Applying for credit at the rental store: The rental manager will ask to see identification and request a social security number and date of birth. S/He needs this information to request a credit report. Consumers with bad credit – or those who do not have a social security number and therefore cannot pass a credit check – can still rent furniture from a rental store that does not run a credit check but oftentimes charges higher rates to make up for the risk of default.
  • Calculating the final sales price as well as the monthly cost of owning the furniture: It is best to multiply the total number of payments by the dollar amount of the individual payments. The consumer should then check the product against the current retail sales price of the furniture and also the rental costs quoted by other stores.
  • Negotiating the lease terms: Standard rental agreements address delivery speed, down payment and frequency of payments. Consumers may request optional services – if available – such as furniture setup and pick-up service at the end of the rental term. It is important to verify that it is possible to avoid interest and lease costs with 120 days ‘same as cash’ options.

When it is time to take delivery, it is crucial to inspect the condition of the furniture prior to accepting a delivery. The items are not always brand-new and may have little dings, nicks and scratches. Document them early on to limit personal liability.


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