Buying Home Furniture Without Breaking The Bank

You’d be forgiven for thinking that now, with the economy in the state it’s in, is the absolute worst time to think about buying that new wardrobe you’ve always been dreaming of. It’s no lie that sales of large and more costly items like furniture tend to dip during a recession. But it can open opportunities to get those large furniture items now on the cheap.
Here are my tips on buying furniture in the credit crunch:
1. Get it for free. The idea of online social network to swap and recycle furniture has become hugely popular ont the web lately. Make sure you check out sites like freecycle.org, gumtree.com and craigslist.com and see what’s available in your area. Of course, you can’t be choosy with this option – but stay open minded and you could end up with the best price of all – Free!
2. Consider second hand shops. None of us can afford to be snooty these days. You might be pleasantly surprised at the standard of items you can find at a decent second hand store. Sure, there’ll be chintzy squashy armchairs there. But I’ve often come across some really solid pine and painted furniture at my local YMCA store!
3. Don’t accept the ticket price. If you are intent on visiting the big showrooms, there’s never been a better time to bargain for a better price. These big chains are falling overthemselves in desperation for your business. And believe me, they are expecting to throw in a discount to sweeten the deal. If you want to pay a little less for that dining room furniture set, just ask them to knock some money off. Youll be surprised at just how often they agree.
4. Go online. In the previous five years there have been a lot of web-based furniture shops opening up. They can very often save you a lot of money. Often you can find the same pieces on a web-only store as you do in the big showrooms, at a much cheaper price. The numbers speak for themselves on this one. In 2009, online furniture sales increased by 31% when compared to the previous year.
5. Find a local supplier. You might not have thought so but smaller furniture suppliers can often be cheaper than the big chains. First of all, there is the friendliness factor – local furniture dealers are often also owners and are far more willing to cut a deal with you. Also, you often find beautiful handmade furniture made with solid wood rather than the mass produced veneer you get in the big stores. I’m speaking from experience here – I recently came across a gorgeous showroom close to where I live, offering great white bedroom furniture and accessories. I ended up stocking up my entire bedroom from there!
The recession doesn’t mean that you should give up on thoughts of new furniture. You could end up with a great deal

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